Each case is different, and that is why GRACE does not offer “off-the-shelf-items”. We always tailor both solution and team, so it fits the needs of the individual customer.

We both work with projects with a short procedure about defined issues and strategies, as well as long-term retainer cases:

  • Continuous political counselling and management
    The complete and broad solution, where GRACE supports strategy, surveillance, messages, and execution in long-term cooperation with the client, as well as counselling on an ad hoc basis.
  • Project or crisis management
    A targeted and temporary effort, where GRACE supports the customer with a strategy, surveillance, messages, and execution in correlation with a specific case, procurement or threat.

We always devise a joint strategy and objective for the work in cooperation with the client. On this basis, specific messages and plans of action are usually produced, which either can be carried out by the client or in cooperation with GRACE. Most of our solutions will contain parts of the following constituent elements:

  • Strategy and plan of action
    GRACE assists with composing the client’s Public Affairs strategy based on analysis of the situation and the stakeholders, as well as a risk assessment. The work results in a concrete plan of action.
  • Messages and communication
    GRACE assists in developing the client’s political platform. This can include specific preparations for meetings, Q&As, reports, position papers and similar as required.
  • Surveillance of relevant political events
    Ongoing surveillance of the client’s interests in the Danish Parliament, ministries, local councils and on politicians’ social media platforms to forestall risks and possibilities for the client.
  • Counselling for public procurement procedures or M&A projects
    Targeted and temporary work, where GRACE supports the client with strategy, surveillance, messages and execution regarding a public procurement as well as acquisition or sale of a company.
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